CAD Services

Have an idea but not sure how to get it made? We can help! Forgery Metalworks can render your design in our CAD software or create a ground up drawing from scratch. Our finished product will provide you with the required tool paths, speeds and machine trajectories that will enable a perfect, precision cut every time.

Flat Sheet Plasma Cutting

Our facility uses a Lincoln Electric Torhcmate 4800 Plasma Cutting Machine. It accepts .GM CAD Files, but we also have the ability to convert to other formats if needed.

We can accomidate sheet sizes up to 96"x 48" and can cut Mild Steel, Alluminum and Stainless Steel up to 3/4" in Thickness

Finishes Offerred

Choose among a wide variety of finish options for your project.

  • Natural: Cleaned and prepped for paint, with no other treatments rendered.
  • Rustic Finish: We apply an in-house distressing agent to rust your work to a vintage style patina.
  • Paint and Clearcoat: Includes your choice of color. We use automative grade paints and sealants to give a weatherproof long-lasting finish.
  • Powder Coating: Available in a variety of colors, powder
    coating is our most durable and long lasting finish.


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